All about granite stone industry

AIGSA (All India Granites & Stones Association) is the recognized body by the Central government that has played a vital role in designing many development programmed pertaining to the India’s granite industry. In the present time, India is exporting its granite products to more than 90 countries all over the world. The advanced and sophisticated technology has made the field of processing refined and faster. And granites in Bangalore cater to you a wide range of colours and patterns and at a cheaper rate than the rest of the country.

Our granite products are well-accepted in every part of the world and it is also the largest granite exporter in the world. India accounts 20% of the total world reserve in granites, marbles, and other form of construction based stones. You can find over 200 shades of granites that can be found both in Northern and Southern regions of India. There are many ways and applications of granite in construction and interior designing. Today’s modern technology helps to bring aesthetic look and feel of this naturally occurring stone.

Granites prices in Bangalore are comparatively much lesser due to its large production in the Karnataka state. There are many granite factories at Jigani and Bharat Stones has an established factory at the same location of the state. You can find an abundance of pink and grey granite in Karnataka. So it is safe to say that India’s granite stone industry has grown bigger with passing time and now is the giant exporter of its products in various parts of the world due to its high demand.

With the passing time Indian granites have not only designed your house but incorporated style and décor at the international market as well.

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