All about natural granite varieties and patterns

Granite is a natural stone that can be found with varied patterns and colours. This gives the stone an exotic look. Granite is a multipurpose stone and is used extensively in the construction of the buildings’ interior for both residential and commercial purposes. Its non-porous, durable nature, scratch-proof, and tough texture are some of the qualities for its high demand in the market.  At Bharat Stones, we provide you with impressive natural granite varieties that come with beautiful patterns, colours, and fine cuts to match your classy décor.

Established in 2010, we have come a long way in the manufacturing and exporting business of granite. You will find a competitive price and finesse in the quality that we provide. We are one of the major granite exporters from Bangalore and that is the result of precise and dedicated work from our expert team. You will have an impressive range of colours and patterns to choose form. It includes white, black, brown, golden, and assorted types and the names are as follows:

Granite Varieties and Patterns

White granite shades – Viscont White, Coral White, Ivory Fantasy, Ivory Gold, Jasmine White, Kingfisher Blue, Meera White, Millinium White, Moon White, New Kashmir White, Ocean White, River White, Royal Ivory, and Southern White.

Black granite shades – Absolute Black, Bash Paradiso, Black Galaxy, Forest Green, Golden Brown, Golden Saturn, Impala Black, Midnight Blue, Pearl Grey, Silver Paradiso, and Steel Wood Pearl.

Brown granite shades – Tan Brown, Adhunik Brown, Cats Eye, Chocolate Brown, Clarie Brown, Ghibli Gold, Golden Brown, Queen Rose, River Pink, Rose Pink, Roset Brown, and Strawberry Pink.

Golden granite shades – Astoria, Golden Oak, Golden Beach, Golden Fantasy, Honey Dew, Golden River, Kashmir Gold, Madura Gold, Madura Teak, and Tiger Skin.

Assorted granite shades – Surf Green, Green Sparkle, Deccan Green, Kerala Green, Kuppam Green, Forest Green, Laka Red, Queen Rose, Red Multi, River Pink, Rose Pink, Strawberry Pink, and Coral Pink.

Bharat Stones is one of the most noteworthy and popular granite suppliers in Bangalore. Regions like Mysore, Yelandar, Jigani, Kollegal, and Chamrajanagar are famous for granite factories in Karnataka. Our own granite factory is established at Jigani and we cater the products for both residential and commercial properties.

There is a series of steps that we follow in the processing techniques to ensure the best product gets delivered to you. We are well-equipped with the latest technology of granite processing. Starting from the selection of the granite type, its colour, cutting to polishing, and finally delivery – we ensure that each step is carried out professionally.

The granite suppliers in Bangalore also cater to other parts of the country and exports at the same time. The price of granite tiles and slabs in Karnataka is lesser than other parts of the country; this is due to the natural abundance of granite here.

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