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Bharat Stones is a granites wholesaler in Bangalore. As one of the most trusted and noteworthy granite suppliers in Bangalore, we can assure you good quality products at the best rate in the market. India is the largest exporter of granites in the world with 20% of the world’s total granite production in her credit. Granite is a naturally occurring stone and buying granite in Bangalore is easy thanks to the natural resources that are available here. The technologically advanced types of equipment have enabled faster and refined outcome. As a natural stone, each and every piece of granite’s pattern differs and offers you in many colours. Buy Granites at a wholesale rate.

Both North and South India have an abundance of granite, but the quality and texture might vary. Bharat Stones are located in Jigani, Karnataka. Some of the regions in Karnataka known for its granite availability are Mysore, Yelandar, Jigani, Kollegal, and Chamrajanagar. The price of granite is cheaper in this part of the country. Our complete process takes place in the Jigani factory. Granite wholesale in Bangalore has been an ever expanding business that generates revenue not only in India but also abroad. This sturdy stone is catered to both residential and commercial purposes.

More than 90 countries have accepted our granite worldwide. There are more than 200 shades to choose from and it has many applications in the construction business and interior designing. And with the new age devices, the cutting and polishing process has become less manual and quicker at the same time. At Bharat Stones, we are glad that we are a part of this global business that not only brings revenue but prestige to the country.

Granite is an incredible stone and has high demand across the world due to its durability, heat resistant capacity, easy to clean nature, pretty colours, and patterns. Along with that, it gives strength, finesse, and adds class to your buildings. Be it the kitchen countertops, flooring tiles, slabs, bathroom tiles, you can always stay assured that good quality granite will never let you down. It has gained much more popularity over the period of time and the demand for wholesale granite has increased. And at Bharat Stones, we always provide you with a wide range of granites of the highest standard since 2010, that too at a wholesale price.

As a granite wholesaler in Bangalore, we have earned our reputation with our quality product and timely service. From selecting the granite type and colour to cutting, polishing and eventually delivering it – we assure you quality check in every step done by our professionals. We take extensive care in the delivery process and the order reaches your address on time.

Follow our website for details on the products. You can find our granite collection and read about the entire process of granite manufacturing.

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