Can granite be re-polished?

Granite is easy to clean and it is in high demand for using as bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops. But be careful about the granite quality while you are placing the order. Buy the granite from a reputed company for authentic products. You can always expect that from Bharat Stones and we also ensure to safely deliver it at your address on time.

Now let us talk about cleaning and re-polishing the granite in case you have already constructed your house with granite and want to know how to keep it clean and polish it up once in a while.

Method of cleaning

Kitchen platforms/countertops should be kept almost every day. This will ensure that the station remains clean and when you will have to do the entire clean up it turns out to be an easier task. Never use anything that has acidic or citrus nature to it as that will make the granite dull and the shine will lessen. Use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to wipe the granite body. Then use another dry and soft cloth to avoid water spots.

You need to buy good quality granite cleaner and polish for this process. It is very important that you use a stone cleaner that is specifically designed for granite use otherwise your granite can be damaged. It is suggested that you always refer the instructions and stick to it in order to apply the correct methods for cleaning.

If you are going to polish the countertops, you need to clean it in a detailed fashion before. Remove any kind of food, dust or stains that possibly have accumulated over for a while. If you do not clean it up before polishing it might cause stains or scratches. Start with a spray of the cleaner, keep it for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a soft and damp cloth.

Method of polishing

For polishing granite, apply the granite polish and then spread it evenly over the counter top. Let it be there for some time, approximately, 4 minutes. Use a soft, cotton cloth to polish it. Continue to polish till you get streak-free and shiny countertops.

If the dullness is due to minimal surface etching then granite polishing powder will be able to remove it. It removes shallow scratches and stains and another residue that might be causing the granite to look dull. To use this powder, mix it with water and create a paste. Apply it with a burlap or moist jute. Do consult your manufacturer before doing the polishing as they will be able to guide you the best. The effectiveness and usage of this powder differ from one granite category to the other. So you need to check that with your granite manufacturer. This could be an easy way to maintain your sleek granite countertops and even bathroom tiles. But do keep in mind that if the dullness is more, you might need professional help to fix it.

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