Granite has been utilized as curbing from hundred of decades

Granite has been utilized as curbing from over 100 decades; however, the machinery to make curb has altered over the period of time. The machinery and practices initially used, consisted diverse ways to divide blocks of granite curbing into lengthy rectangular form. Then the furnishing work was done by hand and finally it ended up with a part of curbing.

One side of the granite remains very rough because it was to be hidden and would not be out in the open, this clearly was a time and money saver. So Granite Curbing is useful  for porch, lawn, roadways, footpaths etc.

What creates an older part of the curb, look like “historic” are the ends and front of the granite stones as well as stones dividing by the hand process plasticized when the curb was shaped. In recent few years the sawing technology has been using all “innovative” technologies, now a day’s curb has an extremely soft front look. This type of curb stones is best for paving when a fixed joint is required.

Similar to lots of diverse granite products, cultivated and salvage curbing arrived from several different quarries, and also the many color variants.

Types of Curbing as roadway


Broken curb can be utilized in roadways as an inlay.

Junior Curb

Junior curbs, in general, are smaller in size and used in contemporary shopping malls and also in the big commercial parking vicinity due to the easiness in handling and cheaper in price. It is the best stuff to re-use as paving.

Standard Curb

Standard curb normally is large in size.  It is the dramatic stone you can use it on the driveway or courtyard also.

Granite Stone Paving Blocks

When you drive on the roads you might have noticed that the resources used to grasp the soil beneath a bridge. You will find roughly quadrangle and roughly rectangular granite stone blocks.

Granite is the perfect stuff for long-lasting boundaries and curbing next to lawns, porch, driveways, and footpath. Our backyard edging will add to the attractiveness of your garden and divide your scenery away from the walkway.

Benefits of using Granite Curbing

Safety: Granite curb obviously classifies the border of the porch, lawn terrace, and roadway

Prevent decomposition: By locking up the surface of the waters within the pavement canal, edges winding with granite stone curbing prevents the gutters are not weakened and carry and fill confined from erosion.

Few other benefits of granite curbing is, it has structural strengths, it looks good in appearance.

Whether you required granite curbing for your porch, driveway, lawns,  garden or a few hundred feet for a big roadway project, Bharat Stones have what you require in stock.

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