Granite slabs for kitchen countertops

Granite Slabs for Kitchen Countertops

Indian granites have been a part of your home décor for many years. And its popularity even abroad is witnessed by the level of export over a period of time. Granite slabs for kitchen countertops have high international market value mainly due to its durability and different colors and patterns. At Bharat Stones, we play the function of a granite exporter and provider of a competitive cost of granite slabs for kitchen countertops in Bangalore. Our expansive range of granites speaks for its high quality since 2010. In Karnataka, you can find an abundance of pink and grey granite in Karnataka.

The kitchen is an integral part of your home. It is the space that gets used every single for food preparation, and sometimes three or four times a day. If you have well-sorted out plans for the entire house, then the kitchen is sure to occupy a major position in that plan. And owing to this, it should combine functionality and looks to serve the real purpose. Kitchen countertops grab a lot of attention since it is the most visible surface area in the room.

At Bharat Stones, we ensure you well cut and polished granites for every requirement and it is no different for countertops. We follow 7 steps in the processing techniques to deliver you the best granite suitable. Here are a few points as to why granite is good for your kitchen:

Maintenance & Durability

Granite is tough and beautiful; there is no doubt in that. However, you do need to maintain it. Ensure that the seal is proper for the granite placement and do the sealing every year to be more secure. Most laminate countertops are easy to maintain but might not be quite elegant for your kitchen. If you do not have time for maintenance, consider types that don’t require as much care. So need to be careful while picking the granite type.

Bring in style to your kitchen

Kitchen countertops should be of superior materials as the entire cooking activity takes place on the countertops. Pick the granite type that is easy to clean and does not cause any problems in your cooking.

Match the countertops with the backdrop or walls, the cabinets, sinks, and appliances to complete the elegant look.

Budget and types

Both concrete and granite countertops are the best to buy but it is expensive. Do a little research on the granite manufacturer and the types of granites before placing the order.

Some of the most popular patterns in granite are stars, dots, veins, and freckled that makes the stone look exquisite.

When you are buying granite slabs for kitchen countertops from Bharat Stones, you can always stay assured of getting the best of all the major aspects related to granites. We can help you to figure out which granite would suit your complete requirements.

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