Granites like Marble – Beautiful Yet Low Maintenance

Marble offers stunning looks in your kitchen but comes at a price. Why not go in for granite countertops instead? Read on to know how.

There’s no denying the fact that expensive marble countertops offer great beauty, and make any kitchen look elegant. However, granites might be the cheap alternative you’ve been looking for. Select granites a marble lookalike for a beautiful yet low-maintenance kitchen.

These granites look like marble but offer many more benefits.

Granites Countertops vs Marble

No marble countertop manufacturer gives a warranty for kitchen installations. And the first reason for it is the porous nature of marble. Granite too is porous, but marble is more porous—much more!

Oil and other liquids can easily penetrate deep into the stone; while it’s possible to remove these, the task is rather difficult. Marble countertops need to be sealed more frequently than their granite counterparts, and this needs to be done properly.

Marble is also not sturdy enough to be your kitchen countertop. Knives pointed edges of forks and spoons, and steel wires can all cause scratches on the surface. Heavy pots and pressure cookers can chip the countertop, or even break off a corner.

When it comes to durability and hardness, granite is the best choice. Being stronger, this stone is resistant to scratches and chips. Marble is also easily stained by acidic foods and liquids.

Granites That Looks Like Marble

If you’re in absolute love with the look of marble stones, then you can go for the following types of granite:

  • River white

  • Royal ivory

  • Ivory Chiffon and

  • Coral white

These are only some of the varieties of granite that look exactly like marble, and yet are stronger, sturdier, and require less maintenance.

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