Indian colourful granite varieties and unique patterns

The usage of granite can be traced from the ancient time to the modern day. It is a natural stone and can be found in various colours and unique patterns. Due to this uniqueness, it gets the exotic look. India is one of the major granite producers and exporters in the world. It is a multipurpose stone that was used in the olden days’ monuments like Egypt’s pyramids, temples in India, tombs, and other structures in many parts of the world.

Today granite is used extensively in the building construction for both residential and commercial purposes. It is heat resistant, durable, scratch-proof, tough, and at the same time comes with beautiful textures. These are some of the qualities that make it highly demanding in the market. At Bharat Stones, we provide you an array of colourful granite varieties that can be found across India. The entire selection comes with beautiful patterns, colours, fine cuts, and finishing that suits your classy décor.

We have been there on the market since 2010 and with time Bharat Stones has become well-established granite manufacturing company’s name. Our prices offer you competitive price and finesse in the quality that we provide. We are one of the major granite exporters from Bangalore. India exports its granite to many countries and South India comprises about 80% of the total production of Indian colourful granite product.

The range of granite colours that are available in India is impressive. From red to green, pink and golden to black and white, from grey to brown and yellow, India can offer a spectrum of colours in granite. You can find a shiny finish to ivory to metallic to an earthy finish.

Here is the list of some of the Bharat Stones granites along with their names:

White Granite shades – Coral White, Jasmine White, Meera White, Moon White, New Kashmir White, River White, Royal Ivory

Black Granite shades – Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Golden Brown, Golden Saturn, Impala Black, Midnight Blue, Silver Paradiso

Brown Granite shades – Cats Eye, Chocolate Brown, Ghibli Gold, Golden Brown, Queen Rose, Roset Brown

Golden Granite shades – Golden Oak, Golden Beach, Honey Dew, Golden River, Madura Gold, Madura Teak

Assorted Granite shades – Green Sparkle, Kerala Green, Forest Green, Queen Rose, River Pink, Rose Pink, Strawberry Pink

We use technologically advanced machinery to speed up the process and bring the best finishing of the products. Our granite factory is established at Jigani, Bangalore. From the extraction to production and finally the stage to supply granite Bharat Stones always ensures to deliver you the best products. You can get to know about us and our products in details by visiting our website.

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