Expert’s Guide To Keep Granites Countertop Clean Shiny

Granites countertop happen to be the most popular choice among homeowners for their kitchens, and you’re probably one of them too. They are sturdy and durable, and look good too. The only problem with these granites countertop is that they tend to become sticky with all the oils and spices of the kitchen.

Here’s how you can go about cleaning your granite counter like a true professional.

● It’s nearly impossible to see dirt on granites countertop—you can only feel it. Use a

micro fiber cloth in order to dust the surface. Micro fiber cloth works by lifting the dirt from the surface instead of pushing it to the corners.

● Use a pH balanced cleanser to clean the surface. Don’t use all-purpose cleaners or window cleaners to clean your granites countertop. This will only damage it, as they have a high acid content. Add few drops of pH balanced dish wash to water and use a soft cloth to clean the countertops. This will not only remove oil and dirt but also leave the tops shiny.

● In order to remove germ, all you need to do is add few drops of rubbing alcohol to the above cleansing mixture. Spray the mixture on the surface and allow it to stay there for few minutes before cleansing with water.

● Finally, do a palm test – run your palm on the surface of the countertops to see if there is any spot that has been left out. Dirt that hides within the design of the granite is never visible to the naked eye. A palm test will ensure that your countertop is perfectly smooth and shiny

Try and clean on a regular basis to avoid staining. When oil and another liquid spills, clean immediately.

Tough stains are easier to remove when you use a mixture of baking soda, dish wash soap, and water. If you’re looking for granite countertops in Jigani, Bharat Stones Jigani is one name you can trust. They offer granite countertops wholesale price and are among the best granite manufacturers Bangalore.

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