Prominent granite exporters from Bangalore, India

Granite is a valuable stone and has found its immense value and purpose in the housing industry. Its ever increasing popularity for building construction is due to its longevity, durability, scratch proof characteristic, and beauty.

At Bharat Stones, we offer the best of granites not just in India but also abroad. As one of the prominent granite exporters from Bangalore, India. we have only elevated our product and service quality over the period of time. Our expansive range of white, black, and assorted granites can give you the best choice of patterns, colours, and cuts. Our factory is established at Jigani, Bangalore and we deliver high-quality granites in both India and other countries. Our manufacturing processes include quarrying, polishing, and finishing that make the stone perfect for your house.

This natural rock is tough and durable that gives strength to the interior of the buildings. Depending upon its place of origin and science of mineralogy, Indian granites can be of different colours, patterns, and texture. In India, you can find more than 200 shades of granites. The states producing them in abundant are Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Orissa.

Indian granite has the good reputation for its qualitative and wide range. This hard structured stone is extensively used for flooring, wall cladding, and creating countertops. Granite has the ability to resist heat and its abrasion-avoiding property makes it a good option for kitchen countertops, walls, and flooring. This stone is also immune to cracks and stains and can be easily cleaned. Granite forms a protective shield for your walls and floors. Its melting point is 1215-1260 degree C.

Add beautification to your home and office with granite stones. Stylish and elegant, granite tiles and slabs add class to your dream home and office. Even though granite is a bit expensive, you can always invest in it if you want to give your home a long-term safety, architecture wise.

When you are placing an order to Bharat Stones, you can stay assured of the best products. Our offshore clients have also given testimonials of their experience of doing business with us. Be it for residential or commercial use, we take extra care to carefully deliver your order on time.

You can have asses of our granite sample for personally checking it before placing the order. We can take the guarantee to provide you with the top quality granites at the most competitive market price. At Bharat Stones, we tend to regularly upgrade our production center to keep up with the changing trend. And we must thank our manufacturing, marketing and technical team to work together and produce the positive result so that we can deliver you the best granites every time.

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