Beautiful granite stone exterior designing ideas

Granite is a beautiful stone that is not man-made but natural. You can imagine a vast range of designs for your house with the help of granite stone. This implies for both interior and exterior designing. Granite’s dramatic beauty and an impressive variety of colour patterns along with durable and toughness features makes it the most preferred stone in building homes.

Here are some beautiful granite stone exterior designing ideas:

The bold exterior design

You can use firm granite retaining wall in your home. If you have a tiny farmhouse, use granite for its utility room with a small kitchen attached. Exterior with Mediterranean look can have granite element with natural colours.

If you reside in a cold place using granite for your exterior can be an excellent choice. Try implementing rustic design ideas with natural stone pavers. Granite can be used for paving the interesting way for the courtyard. Use painted brick, slate grey metal roofing and granite headers. You can have a stone pathway through the concrete and a Mediterranean exterior with stone veneer.

Combination of designs

Traditional grey exterior can add the finishing touch and tie kitchen into the house. You can have a modern patio with an outdoor kitchen. The kitchen can have a concrete base with the polished countertop. The combination of wood and granite looks very natural and adds depth to the exterior of the house. Bamboo flooring, limestone, and granite create cosy interior. Go for the classic beige siding and granite patio. The combination of wood siding and hip roof can look classy. Try to use the contrast of exterior wall materials and windows. Black granite with white columns and trim looks artistic.

Appealing and valuable

Decomposed granite can create a neat driveway. The contemporary brick exterior is suitable for farmhouses and city homes. Cottages with stonework and columns can look very appealing and at the same time it is of low maintenance. Granite column for the pool wall feature can create a bold statement at the front of your home. Granite has the potential that adds resale value to your house.

Fun and exciting

Two storeys or three storey exterior with mixed siding can be used for the exterior design. Flat roof with rustic tile is a modern idea for your home. Try and add a little vibrancy to the traditional exterior. Think orange, bright red, magenta, or any bright colour that suits your taste and paint the main door with that colour. This defines the whole exterior design and adds the element of fun in the demureness of granite.

As far as the exterior of the house is concerned, granite gives you many options to play with the ideas and result in a beautiful project. You can opt for the more traditional or the modern look or can have a balanced exterior design where both traditional and contemporary designs play major roles.

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