Use of Granite and Marble in the ancient era

History is the evidence of marvelous monuments, temples, churches, tombs, pyramids that were built with natural stones like granite and marble. Various civilizations have witnessed the structure of religious buildings and palaces carved out of these beautiful stones gifted by nature.

Monuments built 5000 years back have passed the test of time and are still standing strong. Ancient Egyptians has built their monuments of granite and limestone. The enduring beauty and strength of these naturally occurring stones have inspired centuries of stonework that has finally entered our kitchen area in the modern times.

The Pyramid of Cheops, built in 2560 BC is the symbol of aesthetic and through architecture. The burial chamber for the Pharaoh was built with granite blocks with such perfection that even today you cannot find cracks in it. Ancient Greek empire had built their empire with various stones. The temple of Artemis was constructed in marble wherein 127 marble columns of 5 stories tall got created.

Romans used granites and marbles to construct columns of their buildings, for example, Pantheon. They used to build structures out of bricks and mortar followed by lining them with marble slabs. This way they could build the buildings rapidly and the technique is used even today for building museums, government buildings, monuments, etc. Emperor Augustus said, “I found a city of bricks and left a city of marble”.

Roman civilization witnessed the use of many stones – Tufo (grey/yellow colour porous rock), Peperiro (green/brown volcanic rock) green colour Cipollino, etc. Red granite in Pantheon and S. Maria Degli Angeli are very popular. The grey and pink granite were mostly used in the Greek and Roman architecture. Since granite is a hard igneous rock it can resist the test of time. This historic stone also has a cooling effect.

White marbles are extensively found in Morocco and Greece. Arco di Constantino is found in Morocco and Tempio do Castore e Polluce (Greece). Coloured marbles with green and white streaks can be found in Greece.

Renaissance allowed the use of marble and granite in our homes, library, churches, palaces, and finally the kitchen area. Quarrying and shaping of the ancient times are now found in every granite factory. Today, granite and marble are used in every kind of building, starting from offices and temples to bathrooms and kitchen countertops in houses.

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