Well polished granites for your home

There is no doubt that granite can make your home or office décor look sophisticated while it also adds durability and strength to your property. But you should be very careful as you decide on the granite supplier and the varieties of granite that you are going to order for. This natural stone adds finesse and beauty to your buildings. Bharat Stones is falls in the prestigious bracket of granite exporters in Bangalore India.

Granites are known for its various colours and designer patterns. You can make use of granite for counter tops for kitchens, slabs, walls, bathroom tiles and sink, and flooring tiles. It is known as a multipurpose stone and is easy to clean. Let us understand better how to choose the right well- polished granites for your house or office to bring value to your money. At Bharat Stones, we can clearly differentiate between average granite and good granite.

There are many steps in the right manufacturing process of granite. The process starts from selection of the granite, wire dressing, block setting, block sawing, resin treatment, and finally polishing. Polishing further has variations, for example, leather finish and sandblasting. Well, polished granites that go through every process of cutting till delivery with precision is what you should be looking for.

Do look for these points while purchasing granites:

  • Do not settle for lesser priced granites as that will be thinner and there is a possibility of it to be fragile

  • The lower the quality of granites, there will be the tendency to bear dull colour along with blemishes

  • Do not opt for less than 3 cm thick granites as that makes it 70% less likely to crack or break

  • Verify the samples where two granite pieces are glued together and it actually looks like one piece

  • While buying granites for kitchen countertops place, the order for 1 inch thick granites as that has for longer durability

  • Carefully examine if the stone have hairline cracks before buying it

  • Seamless granite looks better than granites with seam

  • Verify the colour authenticity (especially applicable for black granite) by greasing the stone with kerosene-soaked cloth and if the cloth turns the granite is fake

  • Look out for the circular marks at the back of the slab which is a sign of wrong cutting process

You can decide on which kind of polish suits your taste. At Bharat Stones, we have varied features of polishing that comprise of honed finish, flamed finish, flamed & brushed, and bush-hammered & brushed. Thus, our expansive range of granites will help you to select the exact types that will ensemble your house or office. You can also assess our granite sample before placing the order. But we can always assure you a high-quality product at an affordable price from Bharat Stones.

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