Why granite tiles are good for bathroom?

If you are thinking to construct a new bathroom or renovate your bathroom, do use quality materials in it. That will certainly increase the overall value, comfort, and style of the bathroom. Granite is a good option to incorporate in the making of one of the most important rooms in houses and offices. Bathroom materials should be used in a creative and at the same time functional way.

In today’s time, contemporary bathrooms with under mount sinks are in demand. Demure and soft colours like beige, peach, grey, white, etc. are the most desired colours to create the perfect state-of-the-art space. While placing the order for the granite tiles ensure that the shower tiles are having high slip-resistance ratings as that will help to reduce the risk of falling. Bathrooms will surely have moisture and that the reason for you to be more careful while picking your granite tiles.

Granite is a multi-purpose natural stone that is tough, water resistant and comes with many colours and patterns. It is easy to maintain and cleaning will take much lesser time and effort. Try to buy 12×12 size or larger slabs to minimize the amount of time and energy on cleaning. Smaller tiles do provide better grip, but it is difficult to clean up. And you can always mix and match to give an exciting look to your bathroom that goes well with your rest of the home décor.

Granite is the good choice for you due to its durability, scratch-proof texture and many other qualities. You can use it for flooring to ceiling and in the backsplash as that helps to keep the way at bay. This natural stone is in demand for bathroom use along with the kitchen, living room, etc. It is time to make your house or office interior look exotic and sophisticated.

At Bharat Stones, we are known for our wide range of granite collection which will help you to decide on your favorite patterns, colours, and cuts. Our granites are available in the categories of white granites, black granites, brown granites, golden granites, and assorted granites. You can pick your preferred granite according to your home or office décor. We suggest you to check our granite sample before placing the order.

The mineralogy is the reason of the different textures and colours of the granite. From bold colours to subtle hues we can offer you every colour. Granite tiles will suit for your bathroom considering its toughness and other factors that are mentioned previously. Other materials like glass or porcelain tiles are fragile and you need to be very careful to use them. As one of the trusted granite suppliers in Bangalore, Bharat Stones produces the best of granite tiles and gang saws granite slabs in Bangalore.

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